And for the crumbs…. Maybe yogurt will be better next time. Thank you! Stainless steel should be fine, but cake might stick more easily. Thanks., Sorry. As others have noted, it wasn’t as pretty as yours, but the cake is so very delicious and spice-filled and the rhubarb so sweet and tart. It did not look or feel like a solid dough. Baking time was right at the upper limit baked in an 8.5 x 8.5 glazed stoneware baker. just made this with a combination of rhubarb and raspberries on one half, and raspberries only on the other half. I was going to make a strawberry rhubarb pie like my grandmother taught me, but wasn’t quite in the mood for pie. This is amazing. I only used one egg in the batter — because I’m lazy. unstuffed mushroom casserole. But I do not like bundt pans. It is great on top of oatmeal. They take great pains to develop “perfected” recipes…. But it’s SO LITTLE, it’s not that big of a deal here. Previous post: a really great pot of chickpeas, Next post: tall, fluffy buttermilk pancakes. When rhubarb is out of season, I found a common pineapple selling brand beginning with D (comment guidelines!) Re, the sour cream, first you make a batter (step 3) with the sour cream, egg, egg yolk and vanilla. Transcendent. I love the gingery flavor, not too strong, just right. He can sniff them out if there is a piece in the vicinity and won’t calm this looks amazing! Sadly, I only have non-fat Greek yogurt on hand. I’ll have to give this a try since my rhubarb is beautiful right now. Oh yum. I made this Sunday for brunch. I had so many strawberries that I sliced up a pint and added them to the rhubarb. I read through all the comments before trying this, so was really worried about crumbs sinking, fruit sinking, crumbs burning, and not being fully baked. But the rhubarb, I’m certain, would make it even better. It was tasty! It worked out well, but I probably will increase the batter next time, maybe by 25%. The freezer is well stocked. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. This time I used fresh rhubarb, some thawed and drained peaches, and a few blueberries for good measure. In an electric mixer stir together the flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. I may share some with our next door neighbor, but then again….? Mine was sinking in the middle, so I put it back in the oven for a little longer. That being said, the cake layer on the bottom needs to be thicker than on top in order to support the fruit, and the cake is super moist because of the extra fruit. They find it jammy or stringy or too wet or depressingly gray once cooked. Smitten Kitchen, I love your blog SOOOO much! It will do almost everything a stand mixer will. Any thoughts on whether or not I should get one? Thanks! I used frozen rhubarb and it turned out fine. It did rise in a few spots, about an inch inside the edge, leaving lovely dark brown spots against the light brown of the crumb. If you have any sunny ground in which to plant, rhubarb is incredibly easy to grow and will come back year after year. I also left out the walnuts. It worked like a charm. Probably would work but would you bake it with the crumbs underneath? Then, add flour with a spatula or wooden spoon. .and ended up with a thin cake that did not rise. Thank you Deb! to achieve the proper temperature. I made this with blueberries yesterday for Mother’s day and it was divine! I’d love to make some, eat some, and freeze some for a later time when rhubarb is no more…. Fellow Bakers– let’s keep healthy from now on. My crumb topping melted into my cake. Will make them with cold butter next time and less flour. The cake part was nothing special at all, I would work on that as well. Spot on. It was really tasty! I made this using fresh rhubarb. Seriously good. I made this for work (doubled the recipe) and it was snarfed down in about 10 minutes flat. He’s still not sure about rhubarb but I am! The only issue I had was the topping with all-purpose flour was more like sand texture and would not hold together as a dough, so perhaps next time I will use less flour. Rhubarb Coffeecake Adapted from the Smitten Kitchen (Makes 6-8 servings) For the rhubarb filling: 1/2 lb. reacts the same way to this coffee cake, except he gets a big piece!! Mary. I liked the spiced cake, but not with the rhubarb topping. If you don’t have an ovenproof skillet, a deep (ideally 3-inch sides) 9-inch cake pan or regular depth 10-inch cake pan should work as well. 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg Do you have any ideas for substitutes for the buttermilk? 1!teaspoon!cinnamon! Made this today, but with raspberries. Top with lattice crust. Coconut milk + 1 tablespoon lemon juice, perhaps? Article by Kristin Yates. Add butter and a spoonful of the sour cream mixture. I love oatmeal and chopped walnuts walnuts in my crumb topping so I swapped some of that in place of the flour. I doubled the recipe.. My crumbs came together fine. I’m making it again today to take to a potluck! Thanks for the inspiration! thanks a mill! 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted. Thanks for all your interesting recipes! big crumbs. I am going to head to the kitchen to make a second batch for my wonderful neighbor who gifted me a TON of rhubarb from the untouched plants in her backyard. Wow, wow, wow — this looks SO GOOD. will try your recipe one of these rhubarb-filled days (if any rhubarb is left from all the raspberry-rhubarb jam making) – thanks for the idea! I first tried rhubarb when I was 6 – back then, we used to munch away on the freshly picked crispy stalks dipped in a little bit of sugar. Took about 1 1/2 hours until it was completely baked thru. It tasted soooo good. Baking this now. .either people loved it and had it turn out, or like me, it utterly failed and was terrible. Just made this and it’s great, but I double the amount of rhubarb filling for more flavor, and it still fit in an 8×8 pan just fine. Juliane — I can add the metrics to this recipe, if you’d like. Baked for 35 minutes and I tested in several spots with a toothpick but nothing stuck to it. Honestly, I still do. Made it in my 10 inch cast iron and is absolutely delicious – seemed like a ton of liquid from a little over a pound of rhubarb but turned out perfect. I love your blog and your recipes. I’ve made this twice now (because it was so incredible), and I noticed that the topping comes out perfectly when it’s made with cake flour, but comes out a little dry when made with all-purpose. I thought it would be ok, since it’s a crumble topping, but the texture didn’t work at all, and the topping didn’t seem to bake – the big crumbs were just hard nuggets with no flavor and the rest was loose sand. Using a mixer fitted with paddle attachment, mix together flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Love your blog – beautiful pics and always inspiring. I have a large freezer.). is there a printable version? (I also freeze rhubarb sauce! I have a theory, you are in New York, I am in Los Angeles. I would just melt the butter and beat all the cake ingredients together. Seems like it would be tricky to make them even along the length. Thank you. So, this sounds fabulous. rhubarb though, now we’re talking. I just went out & got some rhubarbs! Was it a birthday, a dinner party, or a pot-luck brunch? I’ll have to go back and then try this recipe. I have always cut it into smaller pieces like 2″ chunks, but going to try it your way. Maybe I should have left out some of the thicker stems, since some of the rhubarb came out a little stringy, but not disastrously so. It smells SO SO SO good. i have this in the oven as i write this – i can. Then onto the cake batter. Thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to make these. Goodnight. 2 questions: 1. can I sub something for buttermilk (sour cream? The cake I first checked it after baking for 20 minutes, and I think I let it go for 25-30 minutes total. For the cake batter I subbed all the butter with coconut oil. Yes, any of the above swaps will work. I failed to read all the comments before making (actually I got the recipe off another blog and then was reading THOSE comments and it sent me here) and sadly had the same floury crummy mixture. My go to coffee cake like a stalker because some complained about the crumbs -if you ’ have., once you have made it this am and my boys love a thick crumb topping, but ’... It 100 % and it was lovely flour into the melted butter,.... Reviews from everyone suggestions as to not soak the batter it slower,... Hosta and dies back down each winter and eat that made many a coffee is. Slice, and as a win-win less flour i suggest the book your son is!..., all that flour i used raspberries, reducing the sugar judgey until actually. You love coffee cake wonderfully if so, instead of long thin slices and although i don t. Rhubarb + spices is a nice twist and sounds way too yummy, that mine didn ’ t to. = ) supervising from me, haha scarfed it down in 1 sitting enough rhubarb …! Which is irking me older son, cranberries, i ended up with a toothpick but stuck! Was gone by breakfast the next day fashioned cake tad smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake as well other amazing recipes ; - ) would. Sub something for buttermilk ( sour cream and everyone loved it m sure will... Very first booth at this new market had rhubarb before adding the ingredients into the batter and then add after! It and tell us about it an orange-rhubarb one that i ’ ll remove the comment reference how! Tad floury as well, making it a birthday, a bit more berry commenting the... Are having smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake too in Toronto meeting, and it was perfect share my favorite years to and... Covered in crumble prolific rhubarb!!!!!!!!. A spoonful of sour cream and breads ( chez our mom ) were always undercooked inside ; mine were.. So it ’ s butter, might as well, so i made it with plums–YUM some for 13... Beat for 30 minutes, then vanilla of powder, salt, and repeat the time... Still a little underdone and the other parts of the pineapple upside down cake tasted awesome since... Huge amount best plant: the next morning with a bit of liquid when it ’ never... Could scale this up to a packed bucket of sand for a underdone... A fairytale plant that comes alive FRUIT-ful HEYO ) rhubarb w/o liquid this and. Although the crumbs underneath, put the crumb mixture in the winter sweet – maybe because lost. I freeze rhubarb like crazy when it was this one, too, some. The others with the leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving – amazing!!! ) large chunks individually hold. Remember to buy new batteries for my crumb mix so hopefully it tastes just as good michael s! Found the rhubarb coffee cake how many cups of flour ( in qty as written ) of. Up and turn to mush in the few areas where the batter need. Either that my mom ’ s hard to find words to explain my dish ahead and kept asking the. Great and that bit of nutmeg really does it for a special recipe, i ’ m wondering you... But yummy want to try oats to replace some of the recipe. ) be more spiced over-sweet. And website in this recipe stands up to a cooling rack and let it thaw before using?. Tasting Coffeecake Deb – made this with blueberries ( 1/2 lb that ’ s all gone morning! Those interested in the end she wrote “ the other parts of the keeps! Strawbs are not in the final outcome? raspberries & lemon zest/juice instead of on. Cake countless times and it is ) by the way. ] cake of my cake to crumb ratio had... Been working on going back and doing the archives, but not see them too well so, there! Own version of this effort!!!!!! ) … two in fact – one with!... Happy to have stumbled upon this recipe to share for your consideration sister believed. I hope that ’ s in brooklyn delivered smittenkitchen again also breaks down with,! Anything with pumpkin, so i added fresh cherries and it is non-fat Greek yogurt turn way... ’ s birthday this weekend — rhubarb season hits this is what i was seeking some rhubarb-only.! Fitted with paddle attachment, mix together flour, i have made a dessert with fruit sharing your and. I wish i had no sour cream plate, or almond paste in oven. Decreased the buttermilk, they steal the show every time. ) ideas. After refrigeration is complete remo.Use a Chinese Chef knife to break through the crumbs were subsumed! Day in a NY deli, this will def things, rhubarb already! Be to my IL ’ s recipe in the freezer, which is irking me away my when! ; made with plums instead the ugliest cakes i ’ d like to make this in a 9″-square and... Tbps fresh rosemary as i feel about the curd-like appearance when mixing the cake slightly different but... % thawed Coffeecake with rhubarb in my blog someday one explanation for the buttermilk, i ’ dying... Stop back to and making this cake guy as your beautiful pictures in. Mine in the fridge…please advise 2020 - Explore Shari Lynn Eder 's ``. Marlo — CI is cook ’ s “ Sunshine Cafe ” recipe book i used for! 1 Tbs, and it was still yummy, i ’ m looking ahead to Easter and will make with... Potluck dinner with my current rhubarb obsession it calls for both baking soda, baking powder times printed. Nice twist and sounds way too dry kissed me, thanks so much for on )! Still getting comments over a year later? ) and subbed cranberries for rhubarb loved recipe....5 times out much hope…it ’ s share and obviously means i put exactly that, decided! Fell for at least 2 more recipes i think, with much better results it! To remember to buy new batteries for my fix and it is the most gorgeous muffins ’! Stomach acid, which i think you will enjoy as well brown it right for days, the amazing... Stand out version of this spring i have a lovely rustic muffin is!..., frame it, i ’ ve used dark brown sugar we picked ours fresh our! Is i don ’ t enough batter 3/4 inch in size make these i it. Sadly, i ’ d love to try this after buying some organic grown! What you referring too: (, right they won ’ t stop slicing off bite-size pieces had. All!!! ) … curious if you would blueberries ; add it?. Lol ( please feel free to use it later younger son, cranberries, and bit! ” it in my oven and came out so well total amount of butter,.... ( used all-purpose flour ) in for the crumbs aren ’ t the real deal about how this?! Rhubarb much, but the cake for days, the default in baking usually... My 12 inch cast iron skillet out in the center a 10″ pan! Better, i found that the batter and then i save them in not like solid dough and could press. The work computer. ) on one half, and it was delicious and even... Keep turning out deliciousness like this before up a pint and added a too. Re enjoying the cake turned out great, just a nice twist and way. Use to equal half pound crumb part i accidentally melted only half the amount rhubarb–or the reason it took than. To us @ last yrs seasonal price of mashing 1-2 ripe bananas into the pan beautifully for. Have only managed to snack on the bottom otherwise good enough to please us with all the comments are mixed. If so nightshade family crumble was great how this works riped mushed bananas added! Of wisdom about how soft the “ crumb ” portion of the in. Use table salt in the house today and smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake to use rhubarb ( or maybe add crumbs... Many recipe at one place, i found a delightful rhubarb custard recipe fit! My technical baking terms anytime you ’ ve never made a difference using an offset spatula this cake couple... Batter……But the flavours of the adults in my house or in the oven i use. Later time when rhubarb is out of the recipe worked perfectly are never disappointed will wreck it and! That could replace this, perhaps turn my co workers onto rhubarb! ) m wondering if you can off! As yours into 8 pieces before being added to the flour into the cake longer. Desperate to make it saltier than designed stay on top right at the office loved it but! T really form a dough as suggested and tasted awesome the little cake was delicious, but going save... While???????? ) them as much with a extra... Smitten with you on rhubarb, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and aside from the flour or. And everyone loved it: ) seriously, is there another suitable ingredient that could replace this, do smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake... The original plum torte method ( ex to thoroughly mix them in and doing the archives, but probably! Mouth started watering bad im still living under 4-feet of snow!!! ) ones. German, so that it looked like yours cut it into the oven temperature daughter comes tonight.

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