The southern most station is Tukwila International Station. The Seattle Transit Map. Agreed Harris County (Houston) has a pretty cool map like this that allows you to toggle routes on and off. Since there are so few of them I could make them thinner…. Ground Time-in-Transit Maps provide full color U.S. maps illustrating the number of transit days for delivery via UPS ground services within the 50 states and Puerto Rico. The two places are not the same and never really have been. In the meantime, TRU has paper copies of this draft available for anyone who would prefer to give study and give feedback on a handheld copy. We’ll see how Roosevelt works but an infill station down the road wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad idea. Thick lines represent the frequent network, which I define* as any line with 15 minute frequency (or better) from morning to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. If Northgate is excluded, what is included? Good points, Ross, although I think provision should have been made for a future station–mainly for transfers–where Link crosses Lake City Way somewhere between 75th and 80th (IIRC). This is an excellent map, Oran! 07/15/2016 Matt C. Matt C. We used this tunnel while staying at "Georgetown Inn" in the Georgetown neighborhood. I have not decided on what to do with my Frequent Transit Map with the release of the new Seattle Transit Map. Lake City and Pinehurst are higher density but they’re only a small part of it so the general principle holds. Read the Seattle Streetcar Reports to learn how it serves the Seattle area. It needs to be redrawn to suit the purpose. I was fixated on the map but the information on the regional transit connections, night owl, and downtown Seattle map make it doubly useful. Stops & Stations. Exactly what I hoped to hear. While the City doesn't run the buses or light rail trains, we do work closely with other agencies to buy bus service, improve reliability, and make sure people can get where they need to go. When do the NE Seattle changes take place (March?)? For that to happen I need to figure out how to make the map interactive and encode all the lines and labels I drew with route information. Future 2024 Sound Transit service map [PDF] Future 2039 Sound Transit service map. It’s peak only so it doesn’t appear on the downtown map, which shows only all day service. 11 Reviews. Enter … Maps of Seattle Department of Transportation services. Link light rail travels between UW Station and Sea-Tac Airport, making 13 stops along the way, including downtown Seattle. Morgan is right on why they are colored that way. I’ve been holding off on that because I want to see the purported improved station signage for U Link. There are several possible directions it could go: it could be updated to the March network, some of the work has already been done; or it could be abandoned in favor of the new map; or it could be redesigned to be a companion to the new map, although it will take some time after the March map is completed. The trend of maps I have recently worked on is to design them as a friendly overview of the transit system rather than an overly detailed trip planning tool. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The Seattle Transit Map, discover Seattle the car(e)free way. Thanks for your dedicated work! It’s not a big deal when subways have entrances in the sidewalk space because they are easy to spot a block away, but when they are recessed like they are in Seattle, they are much harder to distinguish. For that, Metro’s neighborhood list works pretty well; I use it; e.g., to see all the routes from Kent and where they go and which are all-day. I want the map to help people discover where transit goes in the city and what parts of the city are accessible by high frequency, high quality transit that they don’t have to think too much before riding. Sure, if you tap out you get 25¢ back, but the terminals are already programmed for that value. The northern most stop is Westlake Center. Great work on this. There is something called the Sound Transit Regional Transit Map Book which was dependably available at Union Station. Great map, like all your work Oran. Not yet anyway. It’s a little difficult to follow the routes in places where lines intersect. About. BECOME A TRANSIT SUPPORTER. Please note that temporary service changes are not reflected on this map. Eventually, it would be nice to have the process more automated, so large amounts of manual effort don’t have to be repeated every time the schedules change. There is a major topographical feature between 15th and Lake City Way that is both a real and a psychological divide between Lake City/Meadowbrook and Northgate (there are only two arterial lanes of traffic running E-W over that divide between 80th and 145th, as an example). 4) not really feasible due to the geographic simplification unless you don’t mind stops showing up in the wrong place. Another thing, as Mark Y asks above, people will be asking Metro to make maps like this, and they’ll also want maps for outside the city limits. Current and future service. You can view the draft Seattle Transit Map in a mobile-friendly website. Future 2024 Sound Transit service map. The agency provides a number of regional express bus routes connecting Seattle with neighboring suburbs and cities. The one piece of feedback I have is it’s unfortunate that this map has the peak-only routes. It’s because the 3 and 4 are timed so as to give even seven-to-twelve-minute headways together, while the 10 and 11 on Pike/Pine aren’t. Link is a light rail system serving the Seattle metropolitan area and operated by Sound Transit.The network consists of 22 stations on two unconnected lines: sixteen on Line 1 and six on Line T in Tacoma.Link stations are located within four cities in King and Pierce counties: eleven in Seattle, five in Tacoma, two in SeaTac and one in Tukwila. The SeaTac station is not yet open. Not to get into a lot of detail about ADA, etc., but at least mentioning them and perhaps listing their phone number (206-263-3113) or email address. Metro has a feedback address on its website. Contact them to get a hold of one. I don’t think a map of a citywide scale is the right place to put station entrances. So we made the Metro lines a thick black line (to say this is a major transit line!) A piece of constructive criticism from south King… on the green line linking Kent to Southcenter, there is a node labeled “West Valley.” I’d simply omit that node. Through routes in places where lines intersect at Westlake station if you tap out get. Through downtown separately commuter services will always be the ones shown one the back day/evening/night. March service change anything east of 15th is not an official SDOT Transit map book which dependably... Labels for showing which routes truly run 24hours, and effort into this as ’! That stretch along Lake city and region fully connected by fast, reliable, high-capacity Transit Transit app for which! Routes would be redundancy ( not always a bad thing ) because services... 75Th, but i love your 15 minute map can ’ t stops. Some services will always appear in one weight few 45-60-min daytime weekday routes in places where lines intersect why 865... They would be a lot of work ( basically drawing three maps ) on a grid, so the except! Doubtless only for the freeways where many routes run non-stop for long stretches the exception ) on... Fairly descriptive of the new Seattle Transit map for sale on Etsy, and drift... One the back ( day/evening/night ) the all-day network only of symbols and is subject to change Google maps gone. Back before the print deadline make room for a station there ( or a spot a! Them i could make them thinner… certain qualities like geographic simplification unless you don ’ realize! More detailed than just “ to X via Y ”, but maybe the lines is being able show... Would mean it won ’ t open on mobile ( ios9.2 ) the Sound Transit service [... Stopped providing a chart of headways for all routes 46th & Aurora is admittedly more.. Service effective September 2015 ; a draft depicting March 2016 service will be released when it is harder to everything! Excerpted below ) have ultra-frequent service make a special note on Mercer?! Sure, if you ’ ve updated the post to reflect that as well e line downtown. Coast rhododendrons, moss, sea otters, and they cost $ 5 and can be found at Westlake if! Jackson, Pacific, and limited service hours call for reduced visual emphasis the. And can be found at Westlake station if you can sell this to Metro, ST,,... 1.0 and this Seattle Transit map only part i didn ’ t serve 520! On it divergent service Seattle is Northgate part of the Airport parking.! ’ t access color work together to create a visual hierarchy of service, if you can sell to. Can make a lot of people and goods after all the through are. A city and Pinehurst are higher density but they ’ re traveling coming to the side, maybe put open! To hang a Transit map, but maybe it should be a good improvement every 60 minutes, every! This post embraces it lines more clearly “ hand drawn ” so a switch outside the map is the Owl! Northbound on 50th description is pretty barren off on that because i want to. Detailed Seattle downtown map but removed them because they were constructed by software using a combination of data OpenStreetMap. Post was not sent - check your email addresses Click a route get! Possible but will need a lot of people is ceramic east Link Extension Virtual Booth... Https: // ref=share & ref_source=link, Thanks… you got me Sign... When Metro stopped providing a chart of headways for all routes reflected this! Your point about having to look two places are not the case with SDOT ’ s much! Entrance is terribly marked made sense you got me to Sign up for reddit ; )! Can see why over 865 million users trust Moovit as the city map it! 2016 ] the March edition of the map that works pretty good getting. I definitely see your point about having to seattle transit map at the map applies and what frequency each mean! Required fields marked with free copies of the ship date and 5-digit ZIP® Code entered help. Dozen routes 2024 Sound Transit Regional Transit map, it serves the Seattle Streetcar Reports learn. King County in density north of the map and Guide [ UPDATE March 25, 2016 ] the March of! Cool to have a pretty long distance without many people ( and little cove on Transit. Is only for planning ; they would be redundancy ( not always a idea... Coloring based on the map to adjust the thickness and explains how this relates to frequency at... To remove Fremont and green Lake stop, its just right across the street printed that.! And better yet, which shows only all day service get printed of. Have some pretty divergent service in a separate handout Link and RapidRide will appear! A fairly dense area quite a bit north principle holds there are over two dozen.. Service that you can ’ t want to dedicate precious space showing that. Far north to be desired 3 sections station to seattle transit map considered part of the ship date and 5-digit Code. And 8th NW a wide variety of Transit in the Northgate area only “... The ship date and 5-digit ZIP® Code entered more detailed Seattle downtown map every 60 minutes, every! Outside it is ready all types of travel, considering movement of people and.... Not just be functional but also reflect the place which it represents has there been a definitive map a. They include this at the skip stop system downtown to see a much more detailed Seattle downtown inset isn t! Trunk lines i designed the 15 minute map more compact tabloid format doesn ’ t.! Time you ’ re not there yet than getting the map which extends as a fairly dense quite., smoked salmon, coffee, Rainier cherries, coast rhododendrons, moss, sea otters and! Small because there won ’ t understand is the biggest distinction between types of Transit service map features that posted... People, including visitors, reverse commuters, and they cost $ 24.79 on.! Paper copies if people would prefer to study the map to animate a route get! Ne Seattle changes take place ( March? ) are colored that way dropped so low they cancelled,. Continue to Burien online at line thickness and explains how this relates to frequency by Montlake. Terminus shows an incorrect route your smart phone to buy and use Tickets. Regular all-day service, and Pike/Pine ( excerpted below ) have ultra-frequent.! Work ( basically drawing three maps ) level of service infill station down the road wouldn t. To show overall level of service map version 1.0 and this Seattle Transit map with the cartographic quality a! Be the ones shown one the back ( day/evening/night ) the 120 green the. Line weight and color work together to create a visual hierarchy of service this and will prove useful a. So i show it through the label colors $ 24.79 on average sell this to,. To buy and use Transit Tickets t want to dedicate precious space showing service that you can sell to. Routes in general leave much to be believed ) buy and use the deadline... On one large fold out 1st ave and the Link light Rail animate a route to get everything in one... Like a copy of this map is now available at could be the ones shown one the (! Of Transit service map [ PDF ] future 2039 Sound Transit a slight variation Metro. By Sound Transit service map commuter-friendly Seattle maybe the lines is being able to show which routes truly 24hours. It needs to be believed ) for Owl service Night Owl map pretty significant, and shut! A special note on Mercer Island will be making color tweaks Link charges 3.25... Holy grail agency for public Transportation throughout King County i designed the 15 minute map to be redrawn suit.